How efficient is your data center?

Fan Wall installation

Fan wall installation

Commissioning is one of the few opportunities when a facility can be tested at various load levels for operational efficiency in different locations within a data center.

To ensure a data center is working at peak efficiency, the facility operations team works closely with the commissioning agent to collect snap shots and data related to load levels and cooling, to develop a baseline of efficiency data. These tests are required during Level 5 commissioning, as the loads can be varied without impact to data center operations.

The data is used to calculate the Power Utilization Efficiency (PUE) and Data Center Infrastructure Efficiency (DCiE) for the site, and to differentiate the various efficiency modes and air distribution methods.

Load bank testing

Load bank testing

The PUE is calculated by recording the total utility loads divided by the total IT loads expressed in decimal fractions to the third place, e.g.; 3965kW/2250kW=1.762. The DCiE is calculated by recording the total IT load divided by the total utility load expressed as a percentage to two decimal places, e.g.; 2250kW/3965kW=56.75%

Data Environments, Inc. recommends the data be kept as “clean” as possible by using metering points along the entire load path. Clean data will help ensure proper load management and provide targets for improvements.

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