Commissioning benefits are maximized when facilities are operated effectively. Training provides tools for efficient operations and maintenance, in accordance with the original design intent.

Generator training

Generator training

We believe successful training includes these elements:

  • Engagement of facility teams in the commissioning process
  • Specification of turnover requirements throughout the process
  • In-person systems training
  • Reference documents and videos

Data Environments, Inc. provides in-person training from the beginning of commissioning through turn over. We can also produce training and operations manuals and videos on request, including disaster recovery procedures for response to internal and external events. Escalation procedures, and procedures for opening communication lines in the event of a disaster, are included.

Disaster responses can be triggered by infrastructure systems, including fire monitoring, gaseous fire suppression, and seismic monitoring systems. Other triggers include:

  • outdoor fires in close proximity, which can cause smoke in the air handler intakes
  • local flooding, and water and natural gas outages
  • physical damage threats

Data Environments, Inc. offers training to manage data centers and other facilities in the event of emergency or disaster. We include flow charts and site maps to assist with area identification, emergency response access, and access control.